Contractors & Landscape Architect Mixes

For businesses, contractors, architects, general managers, project managers, superintendents, etc; this category of seed mixes is comprised of typical mixes for these industries. The main difference being these mixes have high ‘seeds per square foot numbers’ to ensure a full & showy native seed planting. This typically ranges from 50 – 100 seeds per square foot, which all but eliminates weed competition and creates a very colorful bloom sequence from spring through fall.

High Diversity Prairie

Diversity is key to full & showy prairies. If you want the magazine cover photo, high diversity prairies are the ticket. 

Deer Tolerant

Our deer tolerant mixes are just that. Native seed mixes that won’t be browsed and eaten to the ground by deer. But it does not mean they won’t still be there.

Streambank Stabilization

Native plant root systems hold soil together better than anything else. If you want to keep the stream banks where they’re supposed to be, native plants are the answer. 

High Diversity Showy Savanna

Natural savanna areas are some of the most sought after settings around. The park-like feel created by mature trees mixes with the native wildflowers is reminiscent of simpler times. 

Right of Way (ROW) Low Profile

Create a natural area in the Right of Way to maintain soil integrity, slow or stop water runoff and create pollinator habitat. 

Dry Detention Basin

Use native plants to regulate water runoff and flow. Their deep root systems allow more water infiltration into the soil and slows actual runoff.


Lowlands and wetlands can be especially tricky to mange with introduced species. But some native plants are genetically disposed to thrive in wet conditions.