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Native Grass and Wildflower Seeds

Plant a prairie

Pure Air Natives is proud to announce we're now doing installs for our customers. Landowners who purchase seed from Pure Air Natives will now have the option to have their planting professionally installed. 

Customers in a cost-share program such as CSP/EQIP, will get competitive install rates to match the program's available funding.

  • $75 per acre up to 20 acres.
  • $50 per acre starting at 21 acres and up.
  • $100 mobilization fee within 100 miles*
  • $175 mobilization fee 100-200 miles*
  • Over 200 miles, contact us.

Customers not in a cost-share program should contact us about their specific installation rates. 

*Mobilization fees are based from 2205 Ebert Lane, Wentzville, MO; where the Pure Air Natives greenhouses and equipment storage is located (see maps below).  Additionally, mobilization fees are per trip. If multiple trips are necessary, multiple mobilization fees are required. Proper ground preparation should be completed prior to installation. Visit our 'resources' page for more details.