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Providing comprehensive ecological restoration and management of native plant communities.

Weldon Spring Location – Multiple Ecological Projects 2020

Project Contact: Randy Thompson, Navarro Research and Engineering

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Legacy Management (LM) manages the Legacy Management Program
including the Weldon Spring Site. Performed work at this site under three separate contracts.

Weldon Springs
Weldon Springs
Weldon Springs

Weldon Spring Interpretive Center Landscape and Retaining Wall

In 2020, the existing Interpretive Center at the Weldon Spring Site was replaced with a new facility, built nearby. DJM was
involved for construction of a retaining wall and landscape surrounding the new building.

  • 294 CY topsoil at 4” depth
  • 5 Trees, (24) 3‐gallon shrubs, (114) 1‐gallon shrubs, (1,898) quart sized perennials
  • 76,082 SF Hydroseeding
  • 70 CY mulch
  • Irrigation
  • 133 SF Versa‐lok modular block retaining wall
  • 84 feet of Planter Boxes with 4” perf pipe, 18” gravel bed, 24” soil, 2” mulch
Weldon Springs Center Retaining wall

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Potable Water Line Replacement Project

The purpose of this project was to replace the potable waterline that provides service to the Programmatic Storage Building and Temporary Office Trailer at the Weldon Spring Site. The system consisted of new high density polyethylene water service pipe, a new water tap and meter pit, a backflow prevention system, connection to one existing yard hydrant and connection to the existing plumbing system that services two buildings. Old lines, hydrants & valves were demolished following switch over to the new potable service.

Potable Line Water Replacement
  • Remove 455 LF existing pipe, above ground backflow assembly, hotbox,
    protective bollards, 3 hydrants, 3 concrete vaults
  • 2” water tap and meter
  • 2” backflow prevention device and vault
  • (1) 2” gate valve, (3) 1” gate valve
  • 410 LF 2” HDPE, CTS water service pipe
  • 110 LF 1” HDPE, CTS water service pipe
  • 767 SY grass restoration & 681 SF gravel restoration
  • Labor and equipment to package and load low‐level contaminated waste onto transport truck

LiDAR Monuments Project

This work was conducted to construct permanent high quality and consistent LiDAR (light detection and ranging) survey control points and markers to be utilized on future aerial surveys at the Weldon Spring Site. Aerial surveys such as LiDAR and photogrammetry have been and will continue to be an important tool for the long‐ term management of the site.

Weldon Springs lidar monument
  • Concrete Reinforcement Mesh
  • SCH 40 PVC Pipe
  • Concrete
  • ¾” crushed rock
  • Sand
  • Potholing utilities/exploratory excavation