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Prairie Restoration, Gardening, and Landscaping

Pure Air Natives has been the #1 trusted native seed supplier and nursery for home gardeners, farmers, landscapers, designers, and contractors for 30+ years running.

Check out our Missouri-grown stock of PLS certified seeds below — you won’t be disappointed! High quality seeds and customer service always guaranteed.

Beautiful prairie wetland installed by Pure Air Natives

Interested In Seed Installation Services & Environmental Stewardship?

In addition to selling native seed, Pure Air Natives also helps businesses, non-profits, and land/property owners, and farmers establish native prairies. Our ecological experts examine your land, establish scope based on your needs (or local), and give you a quote for seed installation and stewardship. Then, after the quote or bid is accepted, we handle the entire project from start to finish.

There’s no need to overcomplicate the process. Our professionals have 250+ combined years of ecological experience and are passionate about sustainability and the environment.

Take advantage of federal cost sharing programs today. We also offer Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) seed mixes for those already enrolled! Fill out the form below to start establishing your native landscape and helping your local ecosystem.

P.S. First time? No worries. Submit the form above and we’ll get back to you soon with the next steps, no strings attached.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us...

Come see for yourself why many native home gardeners, contractors, farmers, and environmental stewardship clients depend on Pure Air Natives for high quality Midwest seed and prairie stewardship services.

Had a great experience? Please take a moment to share your thoughts in a review on our Google Business Profile, just like the satisfied customers below! We appreciate your support!

Alicia M.

“Great customer service! Very helpful and friendly! I highly recommend Pure Air Native for any of your pollinator seed needs!!”

Shannon S.

“So pleased with the customer service I received from Pure Air Natives. From understanding my project to selecting the perfect blend of seeds to payment and shipping, they were wonderful to work with. Thank you for helping me re-wild my land!”

Phil R.

“Service was great. The ladies were very helpful when I was in need of seed for attracting the Monarch butterfly. Thank you very much for your help.”

What Is Pure Live Seed?

Learn more about the power of Pure Live Seed (PLS) for native restoration projects. Unlike traditional bulk seeds, PLS measures the percentage of pure, viable seeds in every batch, guaranteeing optimal germination rates.

In other words, you get what you pay for: seeds that will actually grow! Say goodbye to wasted money on dead seeds, weeds, and debris.

Elevate your gardening game today with PLS.

Check Out Our Selection Of Native Seeds & Plants!

Wildflower & Grass Seed Mixes

Wildflower & Grass Seed Mixes

Pure Air Natives is your one stop shop for high quality Midwest native mixes. Whether you’re a seasoned native gardener, a complete prairie beginner, or a contractor/landscaper who needs native seed mixes, we have the perfect blend for you.

Our expertly crafted wildflower and prairie grass seed mixes were developed and finetuned by our team of ecologists, and we work closely with farmers, contractors, and home gardeners to ensure their needs are fully met.

Our seed mixes are categorized for beginners, contractors, attracting pollinators, erosion control, cost share programs, and more! If you don’t see the exact mix you want, give us a call or fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you with a custom mix quote as fast as possible!


Grass Seeds In Bulk

Grass Seeds In Bulk


We also sell native prairie grass for wetlands and meadows by the pound. As we all know, grass and sedge are the perfect cover crops to improve your local ecosystem. And, as your favorite Midwest bulk grass seed supplier, we always make sure to have these in stock.

Best for large properties, farms, contractors, and landscape designers. Call us or fill out our contact form if you’ll be buying more than one acre of seed for improved discount wholesale pricing.

As always, all of our seeds are PLS certified by a third party lab. This means they’re guaranteed to germinate and thrive in the Midwest…and you only pay for the seed that’s viable! That’s right — you won’t be paying a penny for sticks, dead seeds, dirt, or weed seeds with Pure Air Natives.

Wildflower & Grass Seed Packets

Wildflower & Grass Seed Packets

Only need a handful of seeds? No problem. Our native seed packets are the perfect amount for those just starting out or for home gardeners. Start improving your traditional monocultural laws one native seed at a time.

Choose from attracting pollinators, supporting Monarch butterflies, to natives that just look good and are low maintenance. (Or all of the above!)

All native seed packets are currently 40% off, so snatch them up while they’re still in stock.