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Our Seed Mix Recommendations:

Best mix for your landscaping and garden bed - "Low Profile"

Low Profile One of the most popular native seed mixes around. All the beauty and diversity you expect of a natural area while discreet enough to plant in your own backyard.

Best mix for rocky soil - "Natural Glade"

Natural Glade Embrace the beauty of the Ozarks with the Natural Glade blend. This mix is the counterpart to the Savanna Blend.  This ecotype typically has very specialized communities of flowers and grasses.

Best mix to attract songbirds - "Bird Buffet"

Bird Buffet The bird buffet contains nectar sources for hummingbirds as well as seeds and other important resources for your perennial and seasonal residents.

Best mix to provide whitetail habitat and cover - "Big Buck Hotel"

Big Buck Hotel A native grass matrix with selected forbs and legumes to benefit wildlife by providing forage and sanctuary.

Best mix to attract and host butterflies - "Monarch Habitat"

Monarch Habitat This blend is composed primarily of plant species from the USDA’s list of beneficial plants for monarchs, including nectar and brood rearing species.