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Switchgrass Native Grass Seeds


Cave N Rock Switchgrass from Pure Air Natives. Approx Seed Count 259,000 per PLS lb.


Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) is a tall warm season, perennial native bunch prairie grass distributed throughout much of the central and eastern United States (Zones 1 – 6). Popular choice for farmers and large property owners in North America.

This Cave In Rock variety:

  • Very good for lowlands but is adapted to a wide range of climates, including drought.
  • Used for pasture, soil conservation, landscaping, hay, erosion control, and wildlife habitat.
  • Benefits gamebirds, songbirds, and skipper butterflies.
  • Grows 3 to 6 ft tall.
  • Can have an aggressive nature, outcompeting other species with time.

Wildlife loves this grass because it provides excellent cover, protection, and nesting materials for birds and small mammals. Deer are also attracted to Switchgrass and use it for concealment and bedding.

Some are even used as energy crops, meaning that they’re burned to generate heat and energy. It’s also a potential plant for biofuel production.

Overall, Panicum virgatum is low maintenance since it can reseed itself overtime. Its network of underground rhizomes allow it to spread quickly once established. It takes several months to become established, and matures fully around the third year of planting.

About PLS (Pure Live Seed)
Pure Air Natives tests all harvested seed for purity, germination, noxious weeds (state restricted), the dormancy. We only sell purest quality live seed that is guaranteed to germinate. (3rd Party Lab Tested.)

*Call or email for special pricing for quantities above 20 pls pounds*

Seed Details

Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

PLS lbs

Bloom Color


Approx Seed Count



Seeds germinate after sowing in a warm location

Sun Exposure

Full, Partial

Moisture Exposure

Wet, Medium, Medium Dry, Dry


4.0 Feet

Plant Spacing

1 Feet


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