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Pure Air Natives Blog

Welcome to our blog!

Being with mother nature can heal our mind, body & soul and that’s not the only reason why we should enjoy outdoors in life. It can also bring inspiration, unleash creativity in us and simply feel more connected and rooted in life.

Making Hard Work Look Easy

Pure Air Natives, LLC

What is PLS & Why Do I Care?

What is PLS & Why Do I Care?

Admittedly, understanding the composition of a seed mix can be confusing. So we're trying to clear some of the fog surrounding native seed mixes and how PLS & composition effects mix pricing. Pure Live Seed (PLS)  PLS is just a means of indicating live seed. It is...

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We’ve Gone Solar!

We’ve Gone Solar!

Our facilities are now solar powered! We commissioned the project in February 2020, and the system is already up and running. We have a 65kW system with 165 panels. We are directly making a contribution to reducing the collective CO2 emissions and saving the planet!!...

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