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Start Here: An Introduction To Pure Air Natives And How To Get Started With Native Landscaping

Beautiful Midwest Prairie Overlooking Country Road And Forest

Pure Air Natives is your trusted seed supplier in St. Louis, proudly serving the heart of the Midwest. Even though we’re a small business, our roots run deep — we’ve been serving the Midwest and MO regions for 25+ years! Our commitment to you goes beyond only providing top-quality seeds: we are dedicated to creating flourishing, sustainable landscapes that celebrate the natural beauty of the Midwest.

 We’re not just a local seed supplier, we’re your partners in creating a sustainable prairie landscape. Whether you’re a passionate gardener, a landscaping contractor, or a large-scale business or non-profit, Pure Air Natives is here to transform your landscape with our locally grown native seeds.

Who Do We Serve?

Home Gardeners

Whether you want to add a few more plants to your native lawn project or plan to turn your private property into a prairie, we have the seeds and resources for your needs.

Land/Property Owners

We offer CRP mixes for landowners participating in Cost Share Programs. You can be reimbursed for installing native plants through your state’s CSP. To participate, before ordering seeds, customers must sign up and a certified technician will evaluate their proposed planting site(s) and provide recommendations. Then, once they receive a seeding sheet, submit it to us and we’ll give you a quote. Once approved, you can order your seeds and plant them!

Landscapers & Contractors

Explore our Native Grass Seed Mixes for landscaping projects that emphasize resilience and sustainability. Our bulk seed options are perfect for larger scale endeavors. Buy by the pound or acre and save!

Businesses & Non-Profits

Elevate your corporate spaces with our custom seed mixes and live plants. Our sustainable seed installation services and environmental stewardship ensure a hassle-free experience from start to finish. Also available for private property owners.

Here’s What We Can Help You With

Seed Installation Services & Environmental Stewardship

Take the guesswork out of installing your prairie. Our experts scope your land, handle the installation, and ensure your seeds are sown for success. We prep your land, ensure your seeds are of the correct soil type, and ensure your landscape looks its very best!

This is perfect for large property owners or corporate offices who want native plants in their landscape.

Contact us today to get a quote!

Our seed installation experts are using drill calibration techniques to install a prairie
Shop top quality, PLS certified seeds from this STL-based small business today!

High Quality, Germination Certified Native Seeds

Our seeds come from greenhouses right here in Missouri, ensuring local authenticity. Every seed batch undergoes third-party testing for PLS quality and germination success. Trust us, we’ve got your back when it comes to prairies and seeds.

Whether you’re looking for native plants for your own yard, are a landscape contractor needing seeds or live plants, or are 

Shop today! All seed packets are 40% off to kickstart prairie installation season!

Expert Advice

Have a question? Need guidance? Call us anytime for free personalized advice from our knowledgeable team. We’re here to support your journey from seed selection to end result.

We take great pride in our customer service. 

Call us or fill out this contact form to speak with a native seed expert today!

Our seed installation experts are using drill calibration techniques to install a prairie

Product Categories

Winter Sale: Native Seed Packets

Our local, Midwest-grown native seed packets are a big hit every fall. When prairie planting season starts in late November/December, these fly off the shelves.

Get them while you can for 40% off.

Wildflower Seeds

Milkweed, Foxglove, Cardinal Flower seed packets, and other customer favorites are in stock!

Native Grass Seeds

Only need a handful of native grass seed for your backyard landscape? Our grass seed packets are convenient for gardeners and contractors who don’t need a bulk order.

Native Sedge Seeds

Sedges are the perfect way to spruce up your backyard landscape. Our sedge seed packets are convenient for gardeners and contractors who want to add some unique flair to their landscape one sprinkle at a time.

Seed Mixes

Split into pre-mixed, custom, and grass seed mixes, our cost-share program approved mixes will allow you to qualify for grants from the government.

Available in 1000 square foot or quarter acre increments. 

Cost Share Program Mixes

Our government provides grands and inventives for sustainable landscaping practices. Check out our mixes that qualify for these cost sharing programs!

Wildlife Seed Mixes

Help the environment by supporting its wildlife. Each year, more and more natural habitat is being torn down. This leaves animals without food and shelter. 

Pollinator Seed Mixes

Who doesn’t want butterflies and bees in their garden? Our high diversity, colorful mixes are sure to catch the attention of all wildlife and help feed and protect them.

Personal Seed Mixes

Pure Air Natives creates mixes for personal use, from attracting birds and other wildlife, to stream erosion control and natural pest control. You want it, you got it.

Contractor Seed Mixes

We make landscape contractor’s jobs easier with these contractor approved mixes. Already tested, grown, and verified to work. Shop now.

Bulk Grass Mixes

Explore our diverse range of bulk native grass seed. Single variety, big package. 

At this time, we do not offer buying wildflower seeds in bulk. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Bulk Native Grass Mixes

Native grass looks beautiful in yards and provides many ecological benefits. Strong root systems help prevent erosion and invasive species.

Live Plants Nursery

We offer native plants in plug and quarts sizes for contractors and landscape architects. No need to wait to bring pollinators to your project.

Get in touch now! All plants are fresh from our Greenhouse in Wentzville, MO.

Native Plant Nursery

Prefer the final product? No problem! Fill out this contact form to order live native plants from your favorite Missouri Native Plant Nursery.

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