Native Grass and Wildflower Seed Mixes

Cost-Share Mixes

These seed mixes will qualify for the different cost-share programs such as EQIP, CSP, & CRP. Typically these mixes will range from 20 – 40 seeds per square foot. Call for pricing!

CP420-Monarch Mixes

We have Monarch 20, 30, & 40 species, with or without grasses as well.  Monarch mixes are designed to create habitat for the dwindling populations of monarch butterflies. If planting for cost-share programs, please send us your seed plan so we can spec the mix exactly as needed.

Pollinator Mixes

We can make any blend of pollinator mix to meet cost-share requirements but often we see Pollinator 14 and 20 species.  These pollinator habitat mixes not only provide food, but also shelter in the winter months.

CP-42 (mix 1 & 2) Pollinator Habitat

The CP42 Pollinator Habitat Establishment practice is a conservation reserve program (CRP) practice to create environments where pollinators can thrive year round. 

CP-4D (mix 1 – 3) Permanent Wildlife Habitat

CP4D Permanent Wildlife Habitat is a conservation reserve program (CRP) practice established to provide cover, nesting, & food for all kinds of animal species.

CP-21 Grass Filter Strips

CP21 Grass Filter Strips protect water quality by acting as a natural filter intercepting contaminants before the enter the water systems. 

CP-23A Wetland Restoration

CP23A Wetland Restoration on floodplains improves water quality and creates critical habitat for wetland species. 

CP-2 (mix 1 – 5) Native Grass, Forb, & Legumes

CP2 Native Grass, Forb, and Legume Establishment was designed as an effective means to control erosion, improve water quality and create habitat for grassland and game bird species.

CP-33 Upland Bird Habitat

CP33 Upland Bird Habitat Buffer is a conservation reserve program (CRP) practice to provide critical cover, nesting and food resources for targeted upland species. 

512 Biomass/Forage

The 512 Biomass/Forage program is designed to create vegetation for grazing and browsing animals. The more the better!