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We've been providing Missouri and the Midwest with native grass and wildflower seeds, as well as live plants, for more than 25 years.  Through our integrity and product accuracy, our seed blends & live plugs are continually being used in tens of thousands of acres of restoration & recreation, from Farmers/Ranchers to Pollinator & Wildlife enthusiasts to Recreational Landowners.  We are the experts in native grasses and wildflowers, not only providing quality Pure Live Seed but also offering advice, plans, education, installation & planting techniques, as well as other beneficial assistance regarding establishment and maintenance of native prairies or land,

Pure live seed native pollinator seed blend Missouri and heartland native seeds for quail pheasants

Pure Live Seed

All our native grass and wildflower seed mixes are sold in  Pure Live Seed (PLS) to ensure you pay for seed that will germinate, unlike buying in bulk and paying for 'inert matter' and other non-germinating seeds. 


Plant a Prairie

With standard cost-share mixes to custom native grass and wildflower seeds blends, we are providing top-tier blends and customer service to landowners in Missouri & throughout the Heartland. 

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Listen up Outdoor Enthusiasts, Pure Air Natives is podcasting! That's right, we finally joined the club. So what can you expect? We're not sure yet. Why don't you tell us? Tweet us @PureAirNatives with the hashtag #PlantYourLegacy and let us know what you'd like to hear from us. 

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Planting for pollinators isn't just about bees and butterflies. Native grass and wildflower seeds create great habitat for countless species of insects, bees, butterflies, moths, song birds, deer, turkeys, rabbits, and the list goes on. 

Justin Adams of Pure Air Natives visits with Jason Cleveland from Trophy Properties at Jason's farm for some native prairie stewardship. In this video, Justin & Jason talk about the invasive species, Curly Dock and one control technique used during native prairie establishment.

Jon Wingo, President of the Missouri Native Seed Association, shows you what Sericea Lespedeza looks like and how you can control it in your prairie and native areas. 

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