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Native Seeds

Pure Air Natives, Inc. provides native seed and plants for ecological restoration, habitat creation and preservation efforts in Missouri and adjoining states.

Pure Air Natives supplies seed for government cost-share programs, commercial construction pursuits, contractors, architects, engineers as well as backyard native gardeners.  Whether hundreds of acres or a few square feet, Pure Air Natives believes we can all do our part to improve our natural environment. We provide local ecotype native seed for all of your needs. Ecological restoration, erosion control, green infrastructure, habitat creation, or food plots, we are able to customize to your exact project specifications.

Integrity is our top priority as we deliver the highest quality seed while building lasting customer relationships.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations.  Our greatest compliment is your referral.

Pure Live Seed

Pure Live Seed (PLS) – Pure live seed is a measure describing the percentage of a quantity of seed that will germinate. It is a way to standardize quality so the purchaser can compare the quality and value of different lots of seed.

Pure Air Natives

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