Supplier of Pure Live Seed (PLS), Customized Prairie Wildflower Seeds & Prairie Grass Seed

Supplier of Native Plant Seeds, Customized Wildflower Seeds & Grass Mix

Pure Air Natives has been providing Missouri and adjacent states with live native plants and custom-blended native grass and wildflower seed mixes for more than 25 years. Our live plant plugs and custom-blended seed mixes are used in thousands of acres of prairie restoration and habitat creation annually


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Pure Live Seed (PLS)

Pure Air Natives provides custom designed seed mixes, harvested for purity, germination, without noxious weeds, the dormancy. We only sell purest quality live seed that is going to germinate. (3rd Party Lab Tested)

WildflowerS & Prairie Grass Seed Mixes

Missouri and Midwest native grass and wildflower seeds for prairie restoration and large landscaping projects.

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Individual Wild Flowers

We provide native wildflower seeds in convenient sizes for your community projects, gardens, and personal use.

Native Wildflower Seeds

The highest-quality Wildflowers available from our green houses located in the Midwest.

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for a custom Wildflower seeds or Prairie Grass Seed mix based on your project goals.

Plant Your Legacy

Nature is only a click away.

Pure Live Seed (PLS) and Missouri Wildflower Nursery

Each seed mix addresses a specific planting goal for landowners and can be ordered right here & shipped to you.

Through our integrity and product accuracy, our Wildflower seeds blend & live Plant plugs are continually being used in tens of thousands of acres of restoration & recreation, from Farmers/Ranchers to Pollinator & Wildlife enthusiasts to Recreational Landowners.

Pure Air Natives online shop, was designed to provide landowners a quick solution for wildlife and outdoor recreational planting needs. These native seed mixes have been developed with perennial & annual native species selected for high success rates when planting throughout many parts of the country.

Experts in native Prairie grass and wildflowers, not only providing quality Pure Live Seed but also offering advice, plans, education, installation. Offering planting techniques and beneficial assistance regarding establishment and maintenance of native prairies or land.