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Beneficial Bee Blend


“Native seed is typically shipped between November – April”  “if you need your seed sooner, please call us to make alternate arrangements”

Seed Mix Details:

Plant Seeds Guide: Composition Info
Full to Partial Sun / Med-Wet to Med-Dry Soils / Start a Pollinator Party!

A native mix for our most iconic pollinators! From the introduced honeybee to our native solitary bees, this mix contains a variety of nectar sources throughout the growing season.

We have several pollinator mixes available (see photos for mix composition) with blends of 20-43 native wildflowers, grasses, and forbs. Each seed mix contains carefully selected species that provide crucial habitat and food for pollinators. Because many flowering plants typically have a specific flowering time, the mixes are designed to include multiple blooming species that flourish throughout the entire growing season. the mixes are diverse in colors and sizes, creating a rainbow of colors to attract birds, bees, and butterflies!

Due to availability and the fact that many species are wild-harvested, this mix can vary from season to season.
The mix guide is the current version, 2021, of the ‘pollinators!’ mixes.


Looking for a custom seed mix to fit your project?

Please contact the team of Pure Air Natives and we would be happy to design a custom seed mix just for your land area.
For large native seed mix projects Click Here.

All other requests please Contact Our Team today.