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Bottomland Blend


“Native seed is typically shipped between November – April”  “if you need your seed sooner, please call us to make alternate arrangements”

Seed Mix Details:

Plant Seeds Guide : Composition Info
Full to Partial Sun/ Medium to Wet Soil / Occasional flooding

Inspired by the natural areas that have persisted along the floodplains of the mighty Mississippi. A native seed mix blend that contains species that are tolerant of saturated soils and periodic flooding.

Due to availability and the fact that many species are wild-harvested, this mix can vary from season to season. Ours seed mix guide is the current version, 2023, of the ‘Bottomland Blend’ mix.  Seed mix is based on lbs per acre however if planting less than 1 acre, you can purchase by the pound to achieve your planting goals.

For details on PLS and seed mix composition, please see the infographic.

Looking for a custom seed mix to fit your project?

Please contact the team of Pure Air Natives and we would be happy to design a custom seed mix just for your land area.
For large native seed mix projects Click Here.

All other requests please Contact Our Team today.