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Erosion Control Grass Seed Mix



“Native seed is typically shipped between November – April”  “if you need your seed sooner, please call us to make alternate arrangements”

Seed Blend Details:

Plant Seeds Guide: Composition Info
Medium Soils / Full to Partial Sun

This seeds mix is designed to manage erosion by literally getting to the root of the problem. With its extensive root system, grass seed roots acts as a natural erosion control blanket by binding the soil together while also allowing water to flow over the landscape rather than carrying it away. For this reason, this plant seeds mix contains a high percentage of grass and sedge, in addition to wildflower seeds.

This mesic plant seeds mix contains includes:

  • Black eyed susan
  • Purple coneflower
  • Little bluestem grass
  • Sideoats grama grass
  • Butterfly milkweed *
  • Large-flowered beardtongue
  • Sideoats grama grass
  • Blue grama grass
  • Purple prairie clover
  • False sunflower
  • Lanceleaf coreopsis
  • Lead plant, and
  • Aromatic aster, among others

Always consider the size of the planting area when choosing grass seed mix for your project. Establishing a native prairie community from seed may take up to 3 years+. All custom designed seed mixes are subject to change depending on the availability of species.


Looking for a custom seed mix to fit your project?

Please contact the team of Pure Air Natives and we would be happy to design a customer seed mix just for your land area.
For large native seed mix projects Click Here.

All other requests please Contact Our Team today.