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Culver’s Root

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Tiny white summer time blooms. Approx 2000 seeds Per Packet


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Culver’s Root (Veronicastrum virginicum) is a native perennial wildflower with showy, tiny white flower spikes resembling candelabra.

  • Its tubular flowers attract various bees with their nectar and pollen.
  • When in bloom, it reaches 5-6 feet in height.
  • This plant is deer resistant, although it takes several years to establish.
  • Named after an 18th century American physician, it has a variety of medicinal uses.

About PLS (Pure Live Seed)
Pure Air Natives tests all harvested seed for purity, germination, noxious weeds (state restricted), the dormancy. We only sell purest quality live seed that is going to germinate. (3rd Party Lab Tested)

Culver’s Root flowers during the summer months (June-Sept) and thrives in full sun conditions with medium wet to medium dry soil. It is native to the central and eastern United States, being adapted to hardiness zones 3-8.


Seed Details

Weight 0.025 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 0.1 × 2.25 in

Seed Packet

Bloom Color


Approx Seed Count



Seed germinates after sowing in a warm location

Sun Exposure

Full, Partial

Moisture Exposure

Medium Wet, Medium, Medium Dry


5 – 6 Feet

Plant Spacing

2-3 Feet


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