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Indian Grass

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Rich in protein, making it an excellent forage for animals and a great addition to pastureland. Great for erosion control. Approx 200+ seeds per packet.


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Indian grass (Sorghastrum nutans) can be used to establish a prairie or savanna, or just added to your existing pasture for great livestock grazing.

  • Plants are easy to grow and maintain. Spring seeding (April-May-June) of Indiangrass
    is generally preferred. Be sure to water it enough or it will wilt and die.
  • When mature, the plant can be harvested for its benefits.
  • The grasshoppers and caterpillars will feed on the blades of this plant.
  • Birds find it an ideal nesting habitat because of its large seed head providing ample color and texture to plantings.

What Does Indian Grass Look Like? Indian Grass stands tall and proud, typically reaching heights of 3 to 6 feet, adorned with slender, arching leaves and delicate golden plumes. It has a brilliant red-brown color, is resistant to deer and birds love the seeds. These captivating inflorescences sway in the breeze, offering a mesmerizing dance of light and movement. This perennial grass thrives in a range of garden settings, from prairies to open meadows.

Ideal Soil Requirements:

  • Full Sun and Well-Drained, Loamy Soil: Indian Grass thrives in well-drained loamy soil, providing the ideal growing conditions for this majestic native grass. Indian Grass does best in full sun conditions, soaking in the sunlight to produce its golden plumes and providing valuable habitat and support for local wildlife.

About PLS (Pure Live Seed)
Pure Air Natives tests all harvested seed for purity, germination, noxious weeds (state restricted), the dormancy. We only sell purest quality live seed that is going to germinate. (3rd Party Lab Tested)

Seed Details

Weight 0.025 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 0.1 × 2.25 in

Seed Packet

Approx Seed Count



Seeds germinate after sowing in a warm location

Sun Exposure

Full, Partial

Moisture Exposure

Medium, Medium Dry


6 Feet

Plant Spacing

2-3 Feet


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