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“Showy Savanna” High Diversity Prairie


“Native seed is typically shipped between November – April”  “if you need your seed sooner, please call us to make alternate arrangements”

Seed Mix Details:

Wildflower Seeds Guide : Composition Info
Partial Shade and Sun/ Med-Wet to Med-Dry Soils / Beneficial to Bees

40+ of our favorite native prairie wildflower seeds with interest throughout the growing season and even more ecological benefits. If you want it all, then this is the seed mix for you.

High diversity and a heavy sowing rate make this a veritably strong, showy seed mix. With many species there will be a variety of ornamentals, sod-forming grasses, and wildflowers blooming continuously late spring through fall. This blend will thrive in average soils, but can handle a range of soil conditions from wet-mesic to dry-mesic.

View the complete species list in the composition seed guide above.
We only offer PLS. All of our seed is tested for Purity/Germination and Noxious Weeds. Seed is tested by a third party lab every 10 months.

This includes high ratios of native grass seed and wildflowers not limited to:

  • Little Bluestem
  • Sideoats Grama
  • Cluster Fescue
  • River oats
  • Lanceleaf Coreopsis
  • False Sunflower
  • Purple Coneflower

The natural plant community provides the inspiration for our customized wildflower seeds mix. Everything is completely original, a striking mix that blooms from spring to autumn, a great diversity of species and a high number of seeds. We have labored to increasing overall color, species count, or seed count to help compete with weeds in existing or settled native plant communities. Enhanced for full sunny areas with dry, medium or wet soil. Also enhanced for Savanna areas (partial shade) with medium to medium-dry soils and lastly, our Shady Woodland Enhancement for medium soils.


Looking for a custom seed mix to fit your project?

Please contact the team of Pure Air Natives and we would be happy to design a custom seed mix just for your land area.
For large native seed mix projects Click Here.

All other requests please Contact Our Team today.